Cheap Sales A4 Leather File Folder wholesale Customized

  • Cheap Sales A4 Leather File Folder wholesale Customized
  • Cheap Sales A4 Leather File Folder wholesale Customized
  • Cheap Sales A4 Leather File Folder wholesale Customized
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A4 Leather File Folder
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  • Shenzhen China
  • 25-30days
  • 10000copies/week

With more than 19years printing experience. Full customized offset printing service.
1. 100% Virgin Top A level Paper eco-Friendly Soy ink for book printing .
2. Fast printing service. Urgently order can be handle soon
3. 40 %-100% productions inspection

A4 Leather File Folder

Cheap Sales A4 Leather File Folder wholesale Customized

Product Name: A4 Leather Folder

Product size: suitable for A4 (specific size customized according to demand)


Surface material: filling paper & coated paper

Internal material: 2.5mm cardboard

Hardware fixture: 3-hole O-clamp

Suitable for A4 paper. Can put 100 sheets

Insert pockets for cards, manuals, and receipts

Main processes: printing, laminating / overmolding, die cutting, paste / silicone, stereotypes, indentation, binding, quality inspection, packaging, etc.

If the Leather File Folder is dirty, use a clean flannel to rub the protein solution to remove stains and brighten the leather surface.

After the Leather File Folder is stained, it is best to wipe it with a cloth or soft wool 1 first, then apply a layer of Vaseline, and then wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth - finally, rub the same color oil and brush it with soft hair. It can be as bright as new.

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