Three common techniques for hardcover book printing


The spine of a hardcover book is different from a paperback book. The spine of a paperback book is generally flush, while hardcover books are divided into hardback, cavityback and softback. Today I will explain to you three common techniques for hardcover book printing.

  1. Making of book block

  The processing of hardcover book blocks is the same as that of paperback book blocks in terms of folding, binding, and bookbinding. In addition, special processing of the hardcover book core must also be performed. The main processes are: flattening, rounding, ridges, appliqués, applique heads, etc.

  (1) flatten

  Is performed on a dedicated book press. After the book core is compacted, its thickness is thinner than the original, and it is flat and solid, which is convenient for the next process.

  (2) Grilled

  Use a rounding machine to cut the back of the book into an arc shape, so that the book stickers of the entire book are staggered from each other, and an inner arc surface is formed at the incision for easy reading. The rounding can also make the book core stronger, and it can be easily connected with the book case, which improves the binding quality.

  (3) Ridge

  Is designed to prevent the rounded shape of the book heart from being deformed.

  (4) Gauze cloth

  Hold the gauze or hard paper on the spine of the book, and cover the stitches on the spine to make the spine stronger.

  (5) Decal head

  Also known as sticking the spine, weaving cotton cloth or other fabrics on the two ends of the back of the book heart makes the whole book more firmly connected and plays the role of decorating the heart of the book. Before applying the applique head, attach the bookmark tape to the gauze on the back.

hardcover book printing

  2, the making of book case

  (1) Whole book case

  Made of a complete cover material such as linen, cloth, paper or plastic, leather and other fabrics. It includes front seal, back seal and spine lining.

  The whole process of making a book case is as follows: firstly apply glue on the back of the selected fabric, put on the front seal, back seal cardboard and spine lining, and then fold 4 edges of the fabric, flatten and dry.

  (2) ingredients book case

  The is made of 3 fabrics: front seal, back seal, and back lining.

  The front and back seals are mostly made of cardboard or soft and thick paper. Glue is applied to the cloth strips with multiple back linings, and then the front and back seal cardboard is glued to the cloth strips. The back lining is then glued and folded. The cloth edge of the back. Finally, glue the cover paper coated with glue, fold the 4 edges, flatten and dry.

  3. Letter cover

  The book block is bonded to the book case. The work of bonding the finished book heart to the book case is called the upper case, which is the last process of making a hardcover book.

  The above is an introduction to the three common processes of hardcover book printing. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the three common processes of hardcover book printing.

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