The meaning and attention of the desk calendar design and production


  Every time the New Year, companies or individuals like to give each other a desk calendar, what is the purpose of doing this? What is the purpose of the desk calendar design and production? What issues need to be paid attention to when sending a desk calendar? Let me tell you the meaning of making a desk calendar and paying attention to the problem.

  1, gift objects

  Gifts for different personalities, different statuses and tastes are also different. A person with a strong career, on a birthday or a festive day, if he can send gifts containing the meaning of "Da Zhan Hong Tu" and "Ma to success", he will be satisfied. In the past, most users would order large-scale desk calendars, but forgot to order some noble gifts that can be distinguished. For example, it is not appropriate to send the same item between the administrator and the office executor.

  2, the goal of gift giving

  Our gift-giving goal is the same as advertising on TV, allowing customers to see their ads every day, and when they need them, they will think of our company. This will bring profits and benefits to the company.

  3, understand the peers

  Every industry market has competition, and there is progress in competition. Avoid doing the same kind of gift with your peers, because no one's desktop will put two things of the same function. If it is a desk calendar in particular, no office worker will have more desk calendars.

desk calendar

  4, Choose content that is similar to your company culture.

  Each style of calendar, desk calendar will have a variety of content to choose from. For example, the car sales industry chooses a desk with a car and a building, and the real estate company chooses to be related to the house.

  5, the quality of gifts

  Among the annual gifts, calendars, desk calendars, and weekly calendar advertisements work best. At the end of each year, it will become the first consideration for merchants, and of course the amount will be larger than usual. The quality of calendars, desk calendars, and weekly calendars is actually very important. The quality of the paper affects the positioning of the company. After two or three months, the paper is yellow, curled and discolored. Don't order cheap defective products in large quantities, and then send out like a street-side advertisement. Choose by heart

  Customers choose their own gifts, and customers are rewarded.

  6, the difference between ordering products and special edition design

  Ordering the product is to burn the company's advertising space on the original product. The special edition design is the calendar page, desk calendar, and weekly calendar content page printed with the company's pictures and information. Or print the product effect map in the calendar content. The special edition design is specific. It can not only serve as an advertisement, but also promote the corporate culture and promote its brand awareness. The process of giving gifts is actually a process of corporate advertising, which seems to be small, but it is also significant.

  The above is about the meaning of the purpose of the design and production of the desk calendar. I hope that everyone can understand the purpose and significance of the design of the desk calendar and it will help everyone.

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