Supply money red envelope printing factory Customized


  Supply money red envelope printing factory Customized

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  The most commonly used money red envelopes on the market that we see on the market are coated paper. The coated paper is also called double copper paper. The thickness of the paper is generally 128 g to 157 g. There are also many high-end money red envelopes printed on other paper. For printing, it depends on the customer's requirements for money red envelope printing, such as pearl paper, embossed paper, art paper, etc., but it is worth noting that it is better to use money red envelope paper. Paste, money red envelopes up to 200 grams of thick paper must be pasted manually.

  The requirements for money red envelope printing are as follows:

  1. The file size should be the same as the size of the finished product you want to print.

  2. 3mm bleeding on each side.

  3. If you use RGB mode, please switch to CMYK mode automatically, otherwise the color will change and become darker during printing.

  4. The shape of the tongue of the socket should be well. Pay attention to the perfect connection of the money red envelope socket and the seam. The two pasted edges should be reserved, not less than 1.2 cm wide. Generally, the pasted edges are pasted on the inside, and the outer edges are pasted on the bottom. The side is left in the front butt position.

  5. The light color value cannot be less than 5%;

  6. For black text or lines, please use monochromatic black (that is, C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100). For black text on a four-color background or shading, the black text must be embossed.

  7. For large black blocks, use C: 30 K: 100 to ensure black saturation.

  8. Line fineness should not be less than 0.25mm; printing below 0.25 will not come out

  9. If there are spot color, bronzing, bump, local UV, die cutting and other processes, the document must be lost and can be clearly separated.

  10. The document must be converted into a curve when it is sent for printing.

Supply money envelope printing

  money red envelope printing customized points

  We only have to choose the right paper size and paper when making envelopes, so as to ensure that our own costs and the quality of the envelope can be guaranteed. It is also an envelope that reflects a certain level and meets the psychological expectations of customers!

  The design of the envelope should be simple and clear, not too fancy, but it will reduce the original efficiency of the envelope. The cover of the envelope should have the address of the postal code, the text itself should pay attention to, and the color of the text should pay attention to!

  The use of ink in the printing process is also the key to affecting the printing of envelopes, so although it is only a small envelope, we should not be careless when printing, and pay attention to the relevant situation of ink at any time.

  LongShenzhen Longyin Printing Packaging Co. Ltd has many years of experience in envelope printing and has many cases for reference. If you just need to print envelopes, you may wish to contact us and our company will give you a satisfactory answer!

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