Supply flat packing box printing discount promotion


Supply flat packing box printing discount promotion

  Why is the packaging box moldy? Shenzhen Longyin Printing Packaging Co. Ltd found that the main reasons for moldy packaging after printing are as follows:

  1. The humidity of the warehouse where the packaging box is placed exceeds the standard. The humid air can easily lead to mildew in the packaging box.

  2, jelly gum, animal glue used in packaging paper packaging, is rich in protein and starch, which is also a nutrient favorite by molds, which increases the risk of mold on the packaging box;

  3. The packaging itself is relatively high in paper material humidity. When the humidity exceeds 12%, there is a risk of mold;


flat packing box printing

     What if the box is moldy?

  1. The paper should be kept clean and hygienic, and the materials in the turnover box of the workshop should be kept clean and tidy. It is recommended that the turnover box of the original materials not used on the day should be covered with cloth or plastic film to shield the dust. The semi-finished products produced should not be placed directly On the ground, use pallets or material racks for isolation.

  2. Use a humidity tester to measure the humidity of the paper, and control the humidity of the paper, carton, bamboo and other materials within 12%. If it is not used for a long time, use plastic film to shield it from dust and moisture.

  3. Before use, jelly glue must be added with 1-2% AEM5700-L glue antifungal agent in the glue to cut off the food chain where the mold grows and make it unable to multiply.

  4, using high-grade flannel material, velvet, velvet, flocking cloth, tufted cloth, polyester silk flannel, etc. can be used, it is recommended to spray AEM5700-F antifungal antibacterial agent on the flannel first, because the uneven surface of the flannel is easy to collect Moisture and dust are the main causes of mildew on flannel.

  5. Put an appropriate amount of mildew-proof desiccant in the carton placed in the box. The mildew-proof desiccant not only has strong moisture absorption ability, can greatly reduce humidity, but also uses meteorological technology. Trigger the release of the door components and kill the mold, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing moisture and mold.

  6. If the entrance of the toilet in the workshop is away from the production area, pay special attention to cleanliness and sanitation. There should be no water leakage. The goods should not be stacked beside the toilet to avoid the mildew of its products.

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