Sticker label purchase considerations


    Sticker is also called Sticker label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper. So what factors do we need to consider when purchasing a sticker? Let's take a look at it together.

  Printing and processing characteristics of Sticker labels

  1. Uniformity and strength indication of the thickness of the backing paper and the face material

  These indicators are not only related to printing performance, but also an important indicator for determining die-cut uniformity and speed and edge breakage during discharge. If these indicators are too low, the label machine will not be able to produce at high speed.

  2. Surface gloss and color consistency and density uniformity of the surface material

  These indicators determine the uniformity of the ink absorption of the Sticker label, and also determine the color difference of the same batch of printed products. The coating strength of the face material determines whether a large amount of paper powder is produced during printing, and is also an important indicator for determining the quality of printing.

  3. Uniformity and correct coating amount of adhesive and silicone oil coating

  These indicators directly follow the peeling force (release force) between the impact label and the bottom paper, and the peeling force directly affects the die cutting waste and the speed of the machine. The peeling force also determines the labeling condition of the label, that is, the application. . In addition, the amount of glue applied will also affect the bleed condition of the end face of the material. Therefore, when purchasing the Sticker label, it is necessary to carefully check the materials that are suitable for the amount of glue applied and the amount of silicon applied.

  4. the flatness of the material or the uniformity of the rewind tension

  Whether it is single-sheet printing or web printing, the flatness of the material determines whether the paper can be fed correctly, run and registered, and the paper is delivered. For reel materials, the rewinding tension plays an important role in the flatness of the end face of the reel material, whether there is gluing, and whether it can be properly registered.

Sticker label

  Application characteristics of Sticker label materials

  1. the use of Sticker labels

  The articles to which the Sticker labels are attached are used outdoors or indoors, high temperature environment or low temperature environment, and the environment is corrosive, dry or wet. Based on these indicators, matching facestocks and adhesives can be selected.

  2. the type of adhesive

  When choosing a Sticker label, first make sure that the adhesive you need to make the Sticker label is permanent or removable, whether it is pasted or re-stickable, and the product is a dry label. Whether the chemical properties of the adhesive have special requirements, etc.

  3. The shape and strength of the labeling object

  4. the surface condition of the labeling object

  Whether the labeling object is a flat or a curved surface, whether it is a large diameter or a small diameter, whether it is a single surface or a spherical surface; whether the object is rigid or compressible. These indicators are directly related to the choice of facestock and adhesive.

  5. the use of Sticker labels

  Whether it is manual labeling or automatic labeling. The labeling method of the label determines the type of label material, the type of ink, and the method of printing.

  The above is about the factors that need to be considered when purchasing Sticker labels. I hope that everyone can understand the factors that need to be considered when purchasing Sticker labels, and it is helpful for everyone to buy Sticker labels.

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