Several common forms of hardcover books


        Hardcover books are mainly made on the cover of the book, the back of the book block, and the corners of the book. There are various processing methods and forms. For example, book block processing includes round backs (ridges or ridges), square backs, square corners, and rounded corners. , Pressing pattern and so on. The following introduces several common forms of hardcover books, I hope to help everyone.

  First, according to the spine form, there are two kinds of square spine and round spine.

  1. The square spine is thicker than the book block. Due to the folding of the book block and the cable, the height of the spine is higher than the book block, and the more sheets are more obvious. Therefore, a hardcover book with a square spine should not be too thick, and is generally suitable for spines within 20mm.

  2. the circular spine, because the position of the front and back stickers is slightly different, the folded position of the stickers is slightly semi-circular, distributed on an arc surface, its thickness is balanced. The flip of the book block is adapted to the convex circle of the spine and has a concave circle. Therefore, it is better to use a circular spine for thicker books. The spine book is rounded after being rounded. Generally, the thickness of the book block is the chord and the arc pair is 130 °. Round ridges can be divided into round backs without ridges (only rounded ridges) and round backs with ridges (rounded ridges, the height of the ridges is generally the same as the thickness of the cardboard of the book shell).

hardcover books

  Secondly, according to the material, it can be divided into two kinds of ridge surface with the same material and ridge surface with different materials.

  1. ridge and surface are the same material, that is, the spine and the back cover are made of the same piece of material. There are two kinds of square ridges and round ridges. Hardcover fabrics are usually equipped with paper, fabric, lacquered paper, varnished cloth, etc. However, there is a kind of all-paper printed with book titles, patterns, etc. and laminated on cardboard, which are mostly square ridges without a seal.

  2. spine and surface material, that is, the spine and the cover are made of different materials, usually fabric is used as the spine, and paper is mounted on the cardboard version as the cover. This form is generally round ridges without protection.

  The above is the introduction of several common forms of hardcover books. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the common forms of hardcover books.

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