Reasons and solutions for the low quality of book printing


   When the quality of the book is printed, the quality is not high. What is the reason? How to improve the quality of book printing? Let's take a look at the reasons and solutions for the low quality of book printing.

  Causes the quality of book printing is not high

  There are many factors that cause the quality of book printing to be not high, and some of them are outdated. Reasons for poor quality of raw materials and low technical level of workers. The most important reason is the publishing management department, and the quality management awareness of the publishing department is weak. The management level of printing enterprises is low, and the social benefits of book printing quality are not put in the first place. Specifically, the publishing administrative department did not put the quality of book printing on the same level as the content of books and the quality of editing, and the standardization of printing was lagging behind. The current printing standards lag behind international standards and advanced foreign standards. Some new technologies and new processes have no quality standards.

  As far as the publishing house is concerned, some publishers have obtained more profits for the department, regardless of the quality of the book printing, and which printing factory has a low printing price to go to that house. Some editors of publishing houses, especially art editors, have been divided into the needs of diversifying the market. They are unconventional and innovative, and they are not processed because of equipment and process technology. Other publishers provide paper quality that is too poor and so on.

  As far as the printing factory is concerned, it is the main responsible person for the low quality of book printing. The reason is that the old equipment is backward. Other equipment is not behind, and it is not good to do because the technical quality of the operators is not high. There is also the use of low-cost and inferior materials. In addition, there is another problem that cannot be ignored and has universality. Since the cancellation of the two-level fixed-point book printing enterprise system, there is no restriction on the quality of book printing, and the printing factory has relaxed the management of the quality of book printing.


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  Ways to improve the quality of book printing

  The quality of book printing directly reflects the overall level of printing and related industries in a country. To truly improve the printing quality of Chinese books and periodicals, it is impossible to work on which department alone. The need to publish administrative departments, publishing departments, printing companies and related printing equipment industry to jointly manage, each responsible, and work together to be effective.

  For the publishing house, we must really put the social benefits of the book in the first place. We must not only look at the quotation of the printing factory when bidding for the factory, but ignore the advanced level of the equipment and the technical level of the workers. , corporate integrity and other conditions are free to choose. Require editors, especially art editors to learn some aspects of printing technology, printing quality standards, etc., continuously improve the business level, provide qualified printing paper and other printed materials to the printing enterprises, and establish a book printing quality supervisor to facilitate the book The quality of the printing is supervised.

  For book printing enterprises, we must strengthen the management of printing quality. Specifically, we can start from the following aspects: Enterprises with conditions should pass the certification of ISO9001 quality management system as soon as possible. Enterprises without conditions should create conditions to solve as soon as possible. Learning and implementing advanced "5S" on-site management to improve product quality. Establish an enterprise information system to ensure that the entire printing process is controlled. Adhere to technological progress, strengthen employee training, and comprehensively improve the quality of employees.

  In addition, the printing equipment manufacturing department, the printing equipment production department, must provide printing companies with high-quality and low-cost printing equipment, press and publication paper and various printing materials to ensure the quality of publication printing.

  The above is about the reasons for the low quality of book printing and the solution. I hope that everyone understands the reasons for the low quality of book printing and the solution method, which is helpful to everyone.

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