Personalized notebook features and price influencing factor introduction


    In the notebook printing product sales market, many friends are more optimistic about personalized notebook printing products. In recent years, personalized notebook printing products have become more and more important in personalized notebook products, especially some young people. It is a special liking for personalized notebook printing products. Many printing companies are also optimistic about the future development space of personalized notebooks, and have launched their own personalized notebooks. Then, as a printing production company, they produce personalized notebook printing. When products are, how should they better reflect the characteristics of personalized notebook printing products? What are the factors related to personalized notebook prices? Next, let's take a look at it together.

  How to make personalized notebooks more distinctive?

  In order to make personalized notebook printing products more distinctive, we must first add more innovative elements in the design of personalized notebook printing products, which can better reflect the uniqueness of personalized notebook printing products. Therefore, the personalized notebook printing products can be distinguished from other common types of personalized notebook printing products, so that the personalized notebook printing products can better display their own differences, and can reflect the individual characteristics.

  The production of personalized notebooks should also pay attention to strengthening the fashion elements of the products. Many consumers who like to use personalized notebook printing products are mostly young people, and these young people are generally very concerned about fashion and fashion, so personalized notebook printing The production of products must pay attention to this part of the consumer group, can better reflect the fashion of the product, so that it can better present the characteristics of individuality, thus winning more consumers.


Personalized notebook

  Personalized notebook price factors

  Personalized notebook printing and binding options

  Personalized notebooks are bound in the same way as brochures and brochures. Nothing is glued, locked, locked, hardcover, hardcover. If the personalized notebook is too thick, you need to use the lock line glue, and as the number of lock lines increases, the price will increase accordingly. If the inner page exceeds 200P, you need 10 more lock lines.

  Personalized notebook printing paper selection

  For notepad custom paper prints, the biggest raw material is paper. What kind of paper is used to customize a personalized notebook has a big impact on price, because the price of high quality paper is high, and the cost of plain paper is also reduced. If you look at the personalized notebook, a 70g A3 Munken paper contains a digital price.

  About 0.25 yuan, 100 grams is about 0.35 yuan, special paper is more expensive. Therefore, depending on the situation, customizing the personalized notebook on demand can greatly reduce the custom price of the personalized notebook.

  Personalized notebook cover customization options

  A personalized notebook, there is no personality, you have to look at the cover. The cover determines the value of the personalized notebook. Personalized notebook covers use PVC, PU leather or enamel or gray board (hard paper). Because companies choose to make custom personalized notebooks, they must be considered when choosing a cover.

  The better the material selection, the higher the price. Often, the cover typically accounts for 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of a personalized notebook. Therefore, the choice of personalized notebook cover determines the price of personalized notebooks.

  Notepad print size selection

  Finally, there are size issues. Customized personalized notebooks come in different sizes, and of course the price is different. Therefore, you should choose the size that suits you when customizing your personalized notebook. This is not to say that the bigger the better, but certainly not very small. Regular sizes are recommended.

  The above is about the characteristics of personalized notebooks and price influencing factors. I hope everyone can understand the characteristics of personalized notebooks and price factors, and it will help everyone.

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