Paper poster printing commonly used paper and issues needing attention


   Nowadays, many small businesses use paper posters when they are promoting, which not only saves costs, but also increases the effectiveness of publicity. Today, we are going to talk about the papers commonly used in paper poster printing and the problems that need attention, and hope to help everyone.

  Introduction to paper commonly used in poster printing


  Newsprint is also called white paper, the main paper for posters and books. Applicable to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips and other text papers. The characteristics of newsprint are: paper is light and has good elasticity; ink absorption performance is good, which ensures that the ink can be fixed on the paper. After calendering, the paper is smooth on both sides, no lint, so that the two sides of the print are clear and full; have a certain mechanical strength; good opacity; suitable for high speed rotary printing.

  This kind of paper is made from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp) and contains a lot of lignin and other impurities. It is not suitable for long-term storage. If the storage time is too long, the paper will become yellow and brittle, and the water resistance is poor. It is not suitable for writing. Printing ink or book ink must be used, the viscosity of the ink should not be too high, and the moisture of the layout must be strictly controlled during lithography.


Paper poster printing

  2. Letterpress paper

  The letterpress paper uses the main paper for letterpress printing of books and magazines. It is suitable for texts such as important works, scientific books, academic journals and textbooks for colleges and universities. The letterpress paper can be divided into four grades of No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 according to the distribution ratio of the paper materials. The number of papers represents the quality of the paper. The larger the number, the worse the paper quality.

  Letterpress paper is mainly used for letterpress printing. The characteristics of this paper are similar to, but not identical to, newsprint. The paper structure of the relief paper is relatively uniform, and the gap between the fibers is filled with a certain amount of filler and rubber, and is also bleached, which forms a good adaptability of the paper to printing. Although its ink absorption is not as good as newsprint, it has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption; water resistance and whiteness of paper are better than newsprint.

  The relief paper has uniform texture, no lint, slight elasticity, opacity, slight water resistance, and certain mechanical strength.


Paper poster printing

  Paper poster printing needs attention

  1. Layer: Before the poster is printed, it is best not to merge the layers frequently during the production process, and the layer can be changed. To ensure the quality of the final poster printing, we must protect the text. This is important for layers and vector layers.

  2. The problem of resolution: Before printing the poster, we must determine that the resolution should be 300dpi. This value cannot be low, but it is not necessary to be high. The use of high is not very large.

  3. When submitting the image file after the production is completed, we must pay attention to the psd or tif file format without the merged layer. It must not be the jpg format image, and do not compress the file into a very high jpg format. The practice will definitely lose the fineness of the picture.

  4. Use of black: In the process of poster printing, use CMYK four colors when using a pure black background, in order to ensure the brightness and accuracy of the black background. Pure black text can be used in the process of printing, so that the registration of the text during the printing process can be guaranteed.

  The above is about the paper commonly used in paper poster printing and the introduction of my problem that I need to pay attention to. I hope that everyone can understand the papers commonly used in paper poster printing and the problems that need attention, and then help everyone to print paper posters.

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