Paper bag with handle printing principles and precautions


    In daily life, we use paper bag with handle when shopping, and the paper bag with handle also bring us great convenience. So everyone knows the principle of printing on a paper bag with handle? What should I pay attention to when printing on a paper bag with handle? Let's take a look at the reasons and precautions for the printing of the paper bag with handle. I hope to help everyone.

  paper bag with handle printing design principle

  Trademark design

  A trademark is a symbol of a commodity. A trademark is a symbol that is a symbol that reflects corporate information and goods. The hand-held paper bag is the most timely disseminator of commercial information, and it is also a companion to the consumer. Of course, it should be the endorsement of fashion culture. Its design approach needs to conform to the aesthetic trend, express fashion, display personality, and thus gain the favor of consumers. With a perfect trademark design, the soul of the innovative design of the paper bag with handle is formed.

  Visual enjoyment

  A successful paper bag with handle design needs to be visually beautiful, which is a test of the designer's aesthetic and visual psychological knowledge. The necessary images, trademarks and texts on the paper bag with handles may be proposed by the merchants according to their own brand concept, but not any combination of them can give them the beauty they deserve. This requires professional design services and printing services. The company to do the best arrangement, and this arrangement is perfectly reflected.

  Brand theme

  The design of the paper bag with handle needs to reflect the characteristics of the product, clearly and accurately convey the brand information, and promote the brand. The paper bag with handle pursues the rationality of its function, and at the same time conveys the information of the product, or displays a corporate image, or displays a cultural atmosphere of individuality. At this time, the importance of creativity is self-evident. When carrying out the design of the paper bag with handle printing, the designer needs to determine the form and content according to the cultural background of the enterprise and the function of the product, so as to give a refreshing feeling.

        Paper bag with handle printing

  Paper bag with handle printing precautions

  Material aspect

  Good materials can carry beautiful printing very well, so the material is also very important. Good quality paper materials such as kraft paper not only have good printing effect, but also carry more weight, which can increase the paper portable. The number of times the paper bag is used, and the material of the coated paper is also good, with good color expression, so that the beautiful design can be printed on it.

  Design aspect

  It is necessary not only to consider whether the design of the paper paper bag with handle is unique, whether the printing is exquisite, can not leave a deep impression on people, but also need to consider environmental protection issues, and increase the frequency of use of the paper bag as much as possible. General corporate paper bag with handles can be designed to be simple and generous. The front of the paper bag with handle is best based on the company's logo and name. It can also add the company's business philosophy. Don't over-complicate the design to increase Consumers' impressions of products or companies can achieve good publicity and sales. Establish a good brand image.

  Size aspect

  Generally, when customizing a paper bag, the size of the paper bag will be noticed. It is better to be close to the size of the product so as to avoid waste.

  Ink selection

  If the ink used is discolored, it will produce stains, which will cause the customer's corporate image to decline. Therefore, when choosing the ink, the company should choose the ink that can be waterproof and can not fade for a long time. Paper paper bag with handle are more popular with customers.

  Printing method

  In general, paper-based paper bags such as coated paper and kraft paper are printed in offset printing.

  Post processing

  After printing, it is necessary to carry out film lamination, and then it is to punch and string, and some will choose to use cotton rope and nylon rope. Some thin paper bags will choose to use paper rope, so the paper bag will be completed.

  The above is about the printing principle and precautions of the paper bag with handle. I hope that everyone can understand the principle and precautions of the printed paper bag and it will help everyone.

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