Knowledge of making paper bag with handle


       Making paper bag with handle is an ancient handicraft industry. However, in post-press processing, most printers know a little about the production of bookbinding or carton paste. However, the process of making paper bag with handle may not be well understood. Now let ’s talk about the knowledge of making portable paper bag with handle. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Handbags are roughly divided into two categories: ordinary packaging bags and delicate paper shopping bags. Ordinary packaging bags are produced by a rotary printing bag making machine.

  Its advantage is fast production efficiency, the disadvantage is that the paper bag is rough and not refined, so this type of paper bag is mostly used for general general merchandise packaging.

  As for the exquisite shopping bags, they are printed on a single sheet of paper in color, then subjected to PP lamination or bronzing, and then produced by manual or semi-automatic machines at the bag factory, and finally tied with artificial ropes to make handles. 

  The advantages of delicate paper shopping bags are: paper bag with handle of any situation can be made, but the disadvantage is the slow production speed. Most of these high-end shopping bags are used for noble product packaging, or as gift bags, or as advertising bags for various business activities. Finally, such exquisite and beautiful paper bag with handle have become convenient for ladies to go shopping. Shopping Bag.

paper bag with handle

  The characteristics of shopping bags are environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable. Shopping bags should first be an extension of the corporate image and product advertising strategy. Therefore, to make shopping bags, we must pay attention to environmental protection, beautiful, durable. The structure is compact, and the hot-melt automatic bag making machine is used without sticking the bottom. It sticks all parts of the shopping bag to form a compact structure, so it will never get off the bottom, unlike the traditional paper bag after printing. The processing is based on "white glue" pasting the bag body, and then using artificial rope to tie the handle as a handle. Therefore, there are often mistakes in loosening the handle. The paper bag has no creases, and the adhesion is accurate and beautiful. The automatic bag making machine is used to make shopping bags. Therefore, the bag surface has no creases. In addition, the hot melt has strong fixing power and dries quickly, so the adhesion is accurate and beautiful. Traditional paper bag processing is to fold sticker bags by hand, so there is a fold line on the bag surface, and the white glue dries slowly. When the amount is too much, it will overflow and slide, so the bag shape is poor.

  Upright cotton rope handle, without punching, cordless knots, two pieces of heavyweight kraft paper with a hot melt to fix the cotton rope, and then fix the kraft paper to the paper bag. The handle of the shopping bag is "upright" and does not require punching. No protruding knots. The handle of the traditional handmade paper bag is to punch the bag body first, then manually pass the nylon rope through the knot, and use the knot to hold the paper bag, so the handle is easy to loosen when carrying the object, or the paper bag is broken Rope hole. The overall structure is strengthened, and the packaging function is enhanced. The handle, kraft board, paper bag, and the bottom of the bag are integrally molded with hot melt, so the overall structure of the shopping bag is strengthened, and it can withstand more than 5 kg. In traditionally made paper bag with handle, the handle is used to hold the body of the bag with a nylon knot, and the paper bag × piece is not glued to the bag body, so the load capacity is weak.

  The above is the explanation of the knowledge of making paper shopping bags. I hope that everyone will be helpful after knowing the knowledge of making paper shopping bags.

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