Introduction to magazine printing and binding methods


       There are many magazine binding methods, and different binding methods will be adopted according to different needs of customers. Next, I will talk about the magazine printing and binding method in detail, and I hope to help everyone.

  The first type of magazine printing and binding: flat. The nails have to be rusted for a long time, which leads to loose magazine pages and has been used very little. Another disadvantage is that the flattening must occupy a certain width of the binding, that is to say, the position of the book and the book have a distance, so that the page can only be in the "not completely open" form, and the reading is not convenient, generally applicable to more than 300 pages. Booklet.

  Magazine printing binding second: saddle stitching. The book page relies on two wire nails. The nails of the stapler used by everyone are almost the same. The price of magazines is relatively cheap, but it is not suitable for magazines that are too thick. I feel that the number within 28 pages is already the limit. The booklet can not be graded by saddle stitching.

  Magazine printing and binding The third type: butterfly order. The butterfly set is the binding method of the riding cage. The binding of this way looks good and the overall storage is not good. The single storage can be hung up or put in the clip and can be hung up. Because he has two wire rings. . This is called a butterfly, and the bound book is shaped like a butterfly.


magazine printing

  The fourth type of magazine printing and binding: lock line order. Also called string binding, although the book core is relatively firm, but because of the more custom-made lines on the back of the book, the flatness is poor.

  The fifth type of magazine printing and binding: wireless binding. The perfect binding effect is very good. At present, a large number of magazine bindings use this binding method. However, because the quality of hot melt adhesives does not have corresponding industry standards or national standards, the method of use is not standardized, so the quality of the bookbinding books has not yet reached a satisfactory level, and some of the bad quality glues have not dried out for a long time. Especially in the north, the book is scattered all over the place, so if the conditions permit, and the preservation time of the book is long-lasting, the glue with good quality can be specially proposed.

  The sixth type of magazine printing and binding: the lock line is backed. Also called lock line binding, the process is to first lock the line and then glue, no longer mill back when glued. The booklet loaded by this binding method is strong and flat, and there are many books currently using this method.

  The seventh type of magazine printing and binding: plastic line hot stamping. At present, this method is a relatively advanced method of marking, which is characterized in that the signature in the book block is bonded twice, and the first bonding function is to bond the plastic line foot and the signature paper to make the signature The book page is fixed; the second bond is made by bonding the book block of the plastic line to the book block by wireless adhesive bonding. The book block made by this method is very firm, and the glue is not damaged by milling and backing. The impact on the quality of the binding. At present, domestic printing plants do not use too much.

  The eighth type of magazine printing and binding: antique wire. The antique wire-packing method is less and less. There are also a handful of antique books to use, generally not used. That kind of binding method looks old, but in terms of saving books, this method saves a long time. It will not be a problem if you keep it for a long time without being exposed to water. The downside is that it takes too much time and labor. The current economic development is fast and old and does not fit.

  The above is about the eight methods of magazine printing and binding. I hope everyone can understand the magazine printing and binding method, and it will help everyone.

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