How to control the cost of playing cards printing


    I believe that many small partners will face the cost and effect of printing mode when choosing playing cards printing. The cost of using four-color printing will be reduced, but often the printing house can not make too satisfactory results, but choose more spot colors. If the cost will become very high, how do you choose this? Let's take a look at it.

  1. The background color of the paper is reduced by a spot color. What does this mean? When we print cards, we often use color as the main form of expression, while some use white, black, and wood colors. There is no need to specialize in spot colors, because many of them like poker manufacturers, their own black cardboard is basically a uniform color. Correspondingly, some kraft paper manufacturers also have the same relative quality. It is no surprise that crepe paper or cardboard is used. If the three spot colors contain one of the background colors, the color tone of the background color can be saved. This is also an alternative choice. The two spot colors are relatively cheaper than the four colors, and there are more stable colors to reduce the probability of chromatic aberration.

playing cards printing

  2. Use some bright techniques to avoid chromatic aberration comparison. To know the multi-color spot color, if more than 2, the cost is already much more expensive than the four-color printing. Generally, the more colors will choose to let the poker printing supplier choose four. Color printing is the main method, but the four-color printing inevitably has the problem of head-to-tail chromatic aberration. It is a common practice to use a practical and bright process to cover the chromatic aberration of this part, and what kind of technology can play such a bright eye. The effect is more common is the hot stamping process, but try to avoid the cold color hot stamping, if it is hot blue, the effect may be counterproductive, followed by UV varnish, this process of refracting light is also better distracting eyeball attention. The means, other processes such as laser grading are also possible.

  These two methods are only for the balance of playing cards, a cost is suppressed on the basis of four-color printing plus craft and material costs, and not for the pursuit of quality, when using more than two spot colors in the face of multi-color selection A superior solution to the cost of the surge.

  The above is about the introduction of the cost control method for playing cards printing. I hope everyone can understand the cost of the playing cards printing compression control method.

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