Hardcover book printing process and quality inspection requirements


    Hardcover book printing refers to an elaborate production method of books. Hardcover book printing books are mainly made on the cover of the book and the back of the book block and the corners of the book. The following is a brief introduction to the hardcover book printing process and quality testing requirements, I hope to help everyone.

  Hardcover book printing process

  A process for making hardcover books in a single machine and by hand. The process is divided into three lines, namely book blocks, book covers and sleeves.

  Book core processing flow: semi-finished printed sheet start → hit page → open material → sticky, slip sheet → sticky ring lining → matching page → lock line → semi-finished product inspection → flattening → stacking flattening → cutting book → binding book → coating adhesive ~ →Drying the split→cutting the book→coating the adhesive→rounding→starting the ridge→coating the adhesive→wet→sticking the ribbon→sticking the cloth→applying the adhesive→bonding backing→adhesive backing paper→coating adhesive→sticking Package paper.

  Book sealing process: calculate the size of each material of the book cover → open material → coating adhesive → shell → shell plug angle → flattening → natural drying → hot stamping.

  Casing processing: coating medium seam adhesive → casing → pressure groove → sweeping lining → flattening and shaping → natural drying → finished product inspection → package protection → packaging label.

Hardcover book printing

  Hardcover book printing quality inspection requirements

  1. Sub-version, especially for foreign-funded factories, printing multiple versions of the same book, no mixed version, leaving intent text, logo, etc.

  2. the front and back printing is not printed, the positive and negative printing is correct, the overprint is accurate, the error is ≤0.2mm.

  3. the printing hue is fully in line with the color paper provided by the customer? Use the German R410 color density meter, the main picture color difference is within ±3% range.

  4. the front and back printed over the picture, clip picture and color.

  5. the text, the pattern is clear, the gloss layering is strong.

  6. the network is full, 5% fine mesh is not lost, the big point is clean and not ambiguous, the dot gain value ≤ 10%.

  7. no ink bar, water bar, ink skin, collapse word, paste plate and so on.

  8. no dirty, focus, ghosting, off-plate, flying water, scratching, flying ink, deinking and so on.

  9. no extra corner film marks, the layout is clean and no stains, no traces.

  The above is about the hardcover book printing process and quality inspection requirements. I hope everyone can understand the hardcover book printing process and quality testing requirements, and it will help everyone.

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