Hardcover book printing needs to pay attention to four major problems


     Many customers think that there is no technical content in hardcover book printing. The general printing factory can print it. In fact, it is really necessary to pay attention to the hardcover book printing. Only by grasping the following four aspects, we can still print high-quality hardcover. book. Let's take a look at the four aspects of hardcover book printing.

  1. the printing process

  (1) Classification: In particular, foreign-funded factories print the same version of multiple versions of books, without mixed editions, with intents, logos, etc.

  (2) The printing hue is in full compliance with the color paper provided by the customer: using the German R410 Hue Densitometer, the main picture color difference is within ±3%.

  (3) Printing on the front and back is not printed, the front and back are printed correctly, the overprint is accurate, and the error is ≤0.2mm.

  (4) Print the picture on the front and back, clip the picture and color.

  (5) The text and pattern are clear, and the luster is strong.

  (6) The outlet is full, 5% fine mesh is not lost, the big point is smooth and unclear, and the dot gain value is ≤10%.

  (7) No dirty, heavy, heavy, missing, flying, scratching, flying ink, deinking, etc.

  (8) No ink bar, water bar, ink skin, word collapse, paste plate, etc.

  9 No extra corner film marks, the screen is clean and free of stains, no traces, etc.

  2. appearance factors

  Leather shell square, no stains, no flower marks, no wrinkles, paste flat, no blistering, no damage, ridges are divided, the length of the plug cloth is the same as the thickness, and the circular ridge is generally larger than the book. The thickness of the thick 5-6mm, the curvature of the spine is commensurate with the arc of the book.

Hardcover book printing

  3. the text

  The inner lining paper is consistent with the three sides of the leather bellows: the book core is generally smaller than the leather shell by 3mm, the spine and the book mouth are flat, and the square ridge does not have a horn type, no knife flower, and a cut oblique, the book core and the skin center. There is no drop in the strip position, no pinhole in the pinhole, no broken line, loose line, stain on the line, no size page, disordered page, glue height between the post and the post is 1-3mm, no empty glue, false stick.

  4. feel

  The book has a real sense of weight, and the book slot is obviously concave. Before and after the flipping, the surface of the skin is 180° without a click, and the surface of the book and the backing paper are falsely sticky.

  Hardcover book printing In addition to the quality of the above-mentioned binding related processes, the punched ends must be centered, the holes are flush, no burrs, the closing position is 1mm, and the iron wire does not exceed the book block. This gives people a sense of simplicity in modern aesthetics and a sense of exquisiteness in modern craftsmanship.

  The above is a brief introduction to the four major aspects of hardcover book printing. I hope that everyone will understand the four key issues that need to be paid attention to when printing hardcover books.

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