Gift box printing process and design elements


       What is the printing process of gift boxes? What factors need to be considered when designing a hardcover gift box? Let ’s take a look at the process and design factors of the gift box together. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Gift packaging printing process

  1. Design According to requirements, culture, and product characteristics, etc., design patterns.

  2, proofing According to the drawings, make samples. The present gift boxes pay attention to the beautiful and beautiful appearance, so the color of the produced version is also various. Usually, a gift box of one style has not only 4 basic colors but also several spot colors, such as gold and silver.

  3, the choice of general cardboard gift boxes are made of cardboard or long cardboard, wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. Mostly, the outer decorative surface of the cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm is manually mounted and bonded.

  4. The printing gift box only uses printing and wrapping paper. The mounting paper will not be printed, but only dyeing. Because the gift box is an outer packaging box, the printing requirements are very high. Tabular color differences, ink dots, and rotten printing affect aesthetics. Shortcomings.

  5. Surface treatment. The wrapping paper of the gift box usually needs to be surface treated. The common ones are over-gloss glue, over-mat glue, over UV, over-varnish, and over-mat oil.

  6. Beer is a relatively important part of the printing process. If you want beer to be accurate, you must have a knife mold to make it accurate. If the beer is not accurate, the beer is biased, and the beer continues to affect the subsequent processing.

  7. The usual prints are mounted before beer, but the gift box is mounted after beer. The first is to avoid flower wrapping and the second is the overall beauty of the gift box. The mounting paper of the gift box must be handmade to reach a certain level. Beautiful.

Gift box printing

  Design elements of hardcover gift box

  1. pay attention to artistic sense.

  Unlike many people think that the hardcover gift box is a mix of craftsmanship, hot stamping, hot stamping, and the color of local gold. But this kind of packaging is not called hardcover gift box, it is better to call it tyrant gold packaging. Such packaging exudes the smell of upstarts. The hardcover gift box is more beautiful in its design, and a line and a brush character can reflect its mood.

  2. Targeting specific groups in specific industries

  Boutiques have their own attributes. Not everyone is interested in them, he only cares about those who care about health, these are things that target specific groups of people. Therefore, when we are making hardcover gift boxes, we must pay attention to distinguishing the purchase crowd. Only by designing for the specific population of the product can we achieve the desired effect. Therefore, segmenting the crowd is the key to the success of hardcover gift boxes.

  3. Go deep into the crowd and design product packaging

  For hardcover gift box printing design, we must first make an estimate of the entire market. As a designer, if you do n’t communicate with customers on the front line, it is difficult to know what they are thinking and what they need. Gift boxes cannot resonate with them.

  The above is an introduction to the printing process of gift boxes and the elements of hardcover gift boxes. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the factors and processes of gift boxes.

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