General knowledge about magazine printing


Magazine printing products have always been a type of printing products with a large domestic demand. The total production of magazine printing products in China has been continuously increasing every year. Nevertheless, magazine printing products still have a large shortage in the printing market. Various types of magazine printing production companies have a lot of room for development in the future printing market. Many friends may be interested in related knowledge about magazine printing. I will give you a brief introduction below. I hope I can There is some help and guidance.

  Magazine printing production can be divided into different printing types, which need to choose the corresponding printing production method according to the different needs of different users. For example, according to the different printing conditions, it can be roughly divided into circular, oval, rhombic, square, diamond, FM dots and other printing methods. Printing methods consisting of circular dots are most common in magazine printing production.

  In addition to the above printing methods, there are also some magazine printing methods that are more common, such as screen corner printing. This printing production method is mainly the angle between the straight line formed by the closest dots and the horizontal line. The picture shows 45 degrees. The flat screen printing is that the dots of the entire film are regularly and evenly distributed and the same size, such as a flat surface, but sometimes there is a lack of layering.

  The above is an introduction to the common knowledge about magazine printing. I hope that everyone will be helpful to you after you understand the common knowledge about magazine printing.

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