Food packaging bag design considerations


Food packing bag is a kind of packing design. In order to facilitate the preservation and storage of food in life, food packing bags have been produced. Here are some things to note when designing food packing bags.

  Aesthetic characteristics

  Food packing bags have their own unique characteristics, such as the color of the food according to the characteristics of the food, such as strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider the use of red, fresh orange-flavored yogurt packing will consider orange, etc. Now people's aesthetics continue Improving and satisfying people ’s aesthetic needs has become the main issue in the design of packing bags. In the past, packing with a single product photo was no longer sufficient to satisfy people ’s aesthetics. They needed more artistic expressions. Designers also adopted abstract methods. , To make product packing more artistic, leaving people room for reverie.

  2. Targeted

  Because some foods are specifically targeted at a certain range of consumer groups, the performance of the packing bag needs to be highlighted. For middle-aged and elderly food, the packing bag is more traditional, and the color will be used in a deep and stable color; children's food requires packing Lively and cute, colorful and often have some added value (such as can be used as a toy or collection); for products in a certain area, can show local characteristics on the packing, such as dialects, cultural traditions, etc.

  3. Reasonability

  The packing picture can be exaggerated appropriately, but it cannot be exaggerated at will. Modern food packing bag designs are more and more using artistic effects to express product characteristics, such as computer painting products. This method can make up for the lack of photography, and can be combined with ingredients, raw materials Random combination makes people know the product more intuitively and trust the product.

  The above is the introduction of matters needing attention in the design of food packing bags. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the precautions of food packing bag design.

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