Factors Influencing Printing Quality of Sticker Labels


       Sticker label printing belongs to special printing. Generally, the printing and post-printing processing are completed on the labeling machine at one time, that is, multiple processing steps are completed at several stations of one machine. The following explains the factors affecting the printing quality of stickers and labels, and I hope to help you.

  First, the choice of raw materials

  When selecting the raw materials for stickers and labels, be sure to choose high-quality, self-adhesive materials that pass all physical and chemical indicators, and do not choose products that have expired or unstable physical and chemical indicators. Because the latter is low in price, due to the unstable quality of this type of material, it consumes a large amount in each process, and even causes the equipment to fail to process normally. It wastes a lot of manpower and material resources while wasting raw materials. As a result, the processing of finished stickers and labels The cost is not necessarily low, and what is more serious is that it may be returned by the customer or even lost.

  Secondly, the choice of raw materials should be considered from the following two aspects.

  1. Consistency of surface gloss and color, uniformity of density

  To achieve these indicators determines the uniformity of ink absorption of the adhesive material, and also determines the color difference of the same batch of label prints. The coating strength of the surface material determines whether a large amount of paper powder will be generated during printing, and it is also an important index that determines the printing quality.

  2. Uniformity and strength indication of thickness of backing paper and face material

  These indicators are not only related to printing performance, but also important indicators that determine the uniformity of die cutting and the speed of paper waste and the edge breakage. If these indicators are too low, the label machine will not produce at a rapid rate.

  3. Flatness of material or uniformity of rewinding tension

  Whether it is single sheet printing or roll printing, the flatness of the material determines whether the paper can be correctly fed, run, registered, and received during printing. For the roll material, the rewinding tension will play an important role in the flatness of the end surface of the roll material, whether there is oozing, and whether it can be correctly registered.

  4. Uniformity and correct amount of adhesive and silicone oil coating

  These factors directly affect the peeling force (release force) between the sticker label and the base paper, and the magnitude of the peeling force directly affects the die cutting waste and the speed of the machine. The peeling force also determines the labeling status, that is, the application . In addition, the amount of glue applied will also affect the glue penetration of the end face of the material. Therefore, when purchasing self-adhesive materials, you must carefully check and select those materials with the appropriate amount of glue and silicon.

  The above is an introduction to the factors affecting the printing quality of stickers and labels. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the factors affecting the printing quality of stickers and labels.

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