Factors Affecting Kraft Notebook Printing Price


Kraft notebook is a tool we often use in daily activities, so many companies will customize this booklet for convenience or for promotional purposes. So what exactly are these kraft paper notebook printing prices and what are the influencing factors? Let's take a look now.

  First is paper selection. What kind of paper is selected for kraft paper notebooks has a great impact on the price, because good paper is expensive, and the cost of ordinary paper will be reduced. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the paper selection when printing on kraft paper. If it is not particularly necessary, the paper selection is sufficient.

  Second is the size issue. The so-called size problem is that we require the size of the notebook. Different sizes of leather notebooks must be different in price. Therefore, as an enterprise, we must choose the one that suits us when setting the size of the notebook. It is not to say that the bigger the better, of course, it cannot be particularly small.

Kraft Notebook

  Finally the outer skin and packaging. This is an important factor that affects the price, because in notebook printing, if we choose the front and back covers to be ordinary, the price will not be too high, because this type of notebook is very common, and it will not be too big in printing. The difficulty and craftsmanship are not many.

  But if we choose a special cover and cover, then the price will be much higher, because this cover is very expensive in terms of raw materials and requires some processing, so such notebook printing will be more expensive. If higher prices are required, it may be much higher.

  The above is an introduction to the factors affecting the price of kraft notebooks. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the factors affecting the price of kraft paper notebooks.

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