Desk calendar printing common methods and production process


       Desk calendars, such as homes and offices, can be seen in many places in our daily lives. So, do you know the common ways of desk calendar printing? What is the calendar printing production process? Next, let's take a look at the common ways of desk calendar printing and the calendar printing process.

  The common way of desk calendar printing

  Toppan Printing

  Where the printed graphic is higher than the blank, the ink is applied around the graphic, and the effect of the pressure is applied to the surface of the printed matter.

  Gravure printing

  Gravure and relief printing are just the opposite, the image portion is concave, and the blank portion remains in the original plane. The image portion is subjected to an ink layer, which is achieved by the pressure of the printing cylinder, moving the ink layer to the surface of the printed matter.

  Offset printing

  Nowadays, it is customary to use offset printing as lithographic printing. The graphic and blank parts of the printing plate are on the same plane, and the image is transferred to the surface of the printed matter by the principle of separation of oil and water.


Desk calendar printing

  Desk calendar printing production process

  Choosing a style desk calendar can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. It is also divided into iron ring binding and non-binding. Therefore, you must select the sample provided by the merchant before ordering, so that you can make changes based on this finished product. Quickly create your own creative desk calendar.

  The choice of iron ring. Most desk calendars are fixed by iron rings, but the iron rings are also very different. If the diameter of the iron ring is very close to the thickness of the desk calendar, such a desk calendar is very uncomfortable when turning pages, between the two pages. It's easy to get stuck, it looks very small, so when choosing an iron ring, you must choose an iron ring that is slightly larger than 2mm, so it will feel much better when you turn it up.

  Cardboard selection. Today's paper-bound desk calendars, Shanghai Tou Royal Printing Factory's albums are basically cardboard, some very cheap desk calendar cardboard is definitely ordinary cardboard, good cardboard hardness and durability are very good, long time is not easy Deformation, and the average difference between cardboard is very large.

  The choice of page paper. This is the most critical. Under normal circumstances, it is very good to choose 200 grams of coated paper. The thickness is moderate. It is not necessary to choose too thick paper. Otherwise, the small desk calendar will look heavy and difficult to achieve the beauty of exquisiteness.

  The above is about the common way of desk calendar printing and the introduction of the calendar printing process. I hope everyone can understand the common methods and production process of desk calendar printing, and it will help everyone.

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