China brochures flyer printing time and cost


China brochures flyer printing time and cost

  How long does it take to print a brochure flyer?

  1, designer layout

  Generally, the design of brochures and flyers requires careful layout of the designer. The quality requirements for pictures and text are relatively high, usually about 2-7 days, and it can take longer if there are many things needed.

  2, boot printing:

  Generally, the designer can print after the document is designed and connected with the customer. The printing time is generally determined by the number of prints.

  3. Cover surface treatment

  The cover of the brochure flyer generally needs to be surface treated after printing, otherwise the situation of discoloration will occur. This process also depends on the number of prints.

  4, folding binding

  After finishing the surface treatment of the brochure flyers, it is necessary to arrange the process of folding and binding. This time also needs to be determined according to the number of prints. If we calculate it, probably the brochure flyer printing time is calculated according to a relatively small number. , Half a month is considered more reasonable, so the printed flyers will be very exquisite in terms of workmanship.

China brochures flyer printing

  How to control expenses in brochure flyer printing

  Brochure flyer size

  Dimensions are an important factor in the price of brochure flyers. Because of the location and location of brochure flyers, there are many types of brochure flyers in each advertising plan. If you are not careful, the wrong size will affect the corporate image and even cause waste. Therefore, before posting, all planned brochure flyers must be statistically cleared, and then based on the original design, appropriate modifications and adjustments should be made to determine the print size of the brochure flyers. Extra-normal-sized brochure flyers will also cost more to print.

  Brochure material

  It is also very important to consider the use of qualified and high-quality paper for the production of brochure flyer printing. If the paper quality is not good, it will also affect the production quality of brochure flyer printing products. Determine the material of brochure flyers, such as coated paper card, PP, PVC, etc.

  Under normal circumstances, some brochures and flyers printed products that use superior printing production materials and have more complicated printing processes tend to have good prices, while some processes are relatively simple and produce brochures and flyers printed products with relatively low raw materials at production prices. It will be much lower. Therefore, the production quotes of different quality brochure flyer printing products in the printing market are very different.

  Number of brochure flyers

  The quantity is measured according to the specifications of different brochure flyers, rather than simply calculating the total, which is different from brochure flyers. Therefore, before the event, the person in charge of materials needs to make a clear statistics of all the brochure flyers to be posted in advance, and then calculate the brochure flyer printing costs based on the number of each size specification. In production, if the number of brochures and flyers can be printed, go to the printing house; if the number is small, use a photo and go to an advertising company.

   Brochure flyer quality

  The quality of brochure flyers strictly includes multiple influencing factors, such as the choice of printing process, the complexity of the color of brochure flyers, the selection of the material of brochure flyers and so on.

  Brochure Flyer Design

  The design of brochure flyer printing should also have good creativity. We all know that brochure flyers are a kind of picture-type publicity, so no matter what kind of brochure flyer printing products, the product design is very important, which will directly affect the attention of brochure flyer printing products. degree.

  But to be novel, profound and shocking in the design of brochure flyers, the design cost will naturally be "pretty".

  Proceeding from the five major factors that affect the printing costs of brochure flyers, and combining the budget costs of corporate propaganda, the selection of the best plan is the way to effectively control the printing costs of brochure flyers.


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