Children's story book printing knowledge


       What are the requirements for children's story book covers? What factors are involved in the price of children's story books? Let ’s take a look at the printing cover paper and price factors of children ’s storybooks together. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Children story book cover paper

  1. To ensure the strength of the cover of children's storybooks, it is best to choose 100G or more coated paper or 120G coated paper. For general hardcover books, 90G single-sided coated paper is best.

  2. Regarding the raw material requirements of paper, it is best to use paper made from chemical wood pulp or chemical wood and semi-ground wood pulp to ensure that the cover of children's storybooks has sufficient tear strength and folding resistance.

  3. It is necessary to choose paper with high whiteness and gloss as the cover of children's storybooks. This can ensure that the printing colors of the cover images of children's storybooks can be correctly reproduced, the texture is more delicate, and the levels are rich, which effectively improves the overall children's storybooks. quality.

  4. To choose paper with good abrasion resistance and water resistance, especially for children's story book printing, you need to do glazing treatment or lamination to improve the strength of the cover.

Children's story book

  Factors Affecting the Printing Price of Children's Story Books

  1. Paper cost. Printing paper includes coated paper, offset paper, lightweight coated paper, light paper, and other various papers. Generally, the weight is used to indicate its weight parameters. The paper is expressed in length and width, and rolled paper. Dimensions are expressed in width, and prices are in tons.

  2. The cost of materials related to other quotations. The materials used for printing and post-press processing are very extensive, but various materials are nothing more than sheet and roll. The cost algorithm is similar to that of paper, such as post-press processing. Common cloth, leather, gauze, etc.

  3. Imposition and opening method. Before calculating the material cost of the printed part, you must master the method of imposition and opening. The material of a certain size can be composed of several pages, or the material of a certain size can be cut into several printings. The processing unit required for the part. Calculate spelling as reasonably as possible.

  The above is an introduction to the influencing factors of children's story book cover paper and printing price. I hope everyone will understand the influencing factors of children's story book cover paper and printing price, which will be helpful to everyone.

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