Cheap sale wall calendar supplier quotes


Cheap sale wall calendar supplier quotes

Near the end of the year, it's time to start customizing wall calendars. From the perspective of the industry, wall calendars are prints. After the prints are finished, in order to make them more beautiful, various post-press processing is usually performed. What are the post-print process? How about it?

  1, bright (light) film

  It can improve the brightness, smoothness of the wall calendar, brighter and more vivid colors, and more fashion sense. At the same time, it can also play a role in waterproofing, increasing durability, and wrinkle resistance.

  2, Matte film

  Can make the wall calendar matte, smooth, elegant colors, and at the same time play a role in waterproofing, increase durability, resistance to wrinkles, etc., can increase the grade of the wall calendar.

  3, hot ordinary bright gold, hot silver

  Bronze the material with metal texture on the desk calendar. The gold foil material is divided into gold, silver, and metallic luster. Fulitang later made a strong contrast in the printed screen.

  4.Local UV

  This is a kind of wall calendar surface modification technology. It is named because it uses high brightness, transparency, and abrasion-resistant UV varnish to varnish the printed text. The place where the UV treatment is performed is particularly bright, like a halo cover in the place where the UV has passed, it has a feel, it is smooth and very high-grade. While highlighting the theme of the layout, the post-press decoration effect of the wall calendar has also been improved to achieve the purpose of making the print icing on the cake.

  5, regular fillet

  The fillet is directly die-cut through a die. You can choose to perform the fillet process on four or one corner.

  6, glued

  Also known as "overmolding", "mounting glue", "sticking film", etc., refers to the use of transparent plastic film on the surface of printed matter through hot pressing, which protects and increases gloss.

wall calendar

  How to choose a suitable wall calendar supplier?

  1, Procurement budget

  Every unit must have a budget for purchasing wall calendars, especially for purchasing wall calendars for promotional activities, which will require lower cost budgets.

  So buyers will choose the most cost-effective wall calendar from multiple suppliers. Even if the wall calendar is good and meets the requirements, but the supplier can't meet the budget, it can only choose to give up. Therefore, this step of the procurement budget is the most critical, and it is also the step that buyers and suppliers need to run in most.

  2, wall calendar quality

  Regardless of the industry, product quality is fundamental. Must not choose cheap wall calendars for the sake of cheap, because the wall calendar sent by the company represents the image of the entire enterprise. This not only failed to achieve the effect of gift giving, but also corrupted the corporate image. Therefore, when choosing a wall calendar supplier, it is necessary to choose a wall calendar with excellent quality, so as to achieve the icing on the cake.

  3, Industry reputation

  In the process of cooperation with suppliers, the reputation of suppliers in the industry is also very important. This is related to whether the supplier can provide good pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, and even some suppliers also provide design and event planning solutions.

  Before selecting a supplier, you must know the industry reputation of the supplier to avoid unnecessary disputes in subsequent transactions.

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