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With the increase of people's awareness of the brand, more and more companies choose to customize, whether it is gift items for business gifts, promotional products for promotional activities, or office supplies for daily office use. In a variety of products, customization makes the company more unique. So what do companies need to pay attention to when customizing Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook?

hardcover leather journal notebook

  1, beautiful cover

  Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook cover materials mainly include: PVC, PU, color-changing PU, leather, felt, fabric, etc. Nowadays, the more popular are PU and color-changing PU, which are the two types that companies choose more. Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook has a lot of logo printing processes: embossing, hot stamping, silver stamping, silk screen printing, UV printing, etc. Different processes show different effects.

  2, rich inner "core"

  Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook internal page can also be customized, pen position, card position, profile page, memo pad, calendar and other functional pages, can also print corporate publicity color pages.

  3,High quality paper

  The commonly used Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook papers are: conventional 80g Dowling paper, 80g Huajin paper and 80g Jinhuasheng paper. Conventional 80 g Dowling paper. This is a kind of high-quality paper. It has low elasticity, uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, strong water resistance and strong three-dimensional feeling. The remaining 80 grams of Huajin paper and 80 grams of Jinhuasheng paper are also economical choices. The coloring page is a conventional 180g copper plate, which is good in both paper thickness and quality.

  4, flexible style

    There are two kinds of commonly used: loose-leaf and plastic bound, plastic bound is divided into paperback and mounted. The loose-leaf book can be disassembled and used at will, which is more convenient. The glue pack is more calm and atmospheric. No matter which one you choose, you can use it with various usage scenarios.

  5,Special customization requirements

  Special customization: Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook adds pen slot, multifunctional Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook (add computer, mobile power, etc.)

hardcover leather journal notebook

  Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook customized effect

  Quality: Custom Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook is stylish and durable

  Hardcover Leather Journal Notebooks on the market are usually not as good as custom Hardcover Leather Journal Notebooks. We can notice that, especially for the cover leather of Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook, usually Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook is usually used in less than half a year, and the It is widely cracked, and it is soft and has no feel, and custom-made Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook usually chooses its own leather, which is of good quality and durable.

  Planning: Customized Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook can effectively improve employee productivity

  The layout and layout of the layout. The Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook available on the market is fixed and may not be suitable for employees of each company and unit. The format and content of the customized Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook can be customized, so it is practical. More sexual.

  Promotion: Customized Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook can enhance corporate image and play an advertising role

  The cover and inner core of Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook can be printed with the title and logo of each company and unit, and even the company profile. This will definitely play an excellent role in publicizing the company and unit.

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