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Childrens Hardcover Board Book refers to printed books designed for children. Unlike ordinary books, there are a large number of large illustrations. It is easy for children to understand and master when reading, and it has a great effect on enriching children's knowledge.

  The Childrens Hardcover Board Book refers to printed books designed for children. Unlike ordinary books, the Childrens Hardcover Board Book is relatively easy to understand and has a lot of illustrations for children to read and understand. Books are texts, pictures, and other symbols. They are used to record various knowledge on certain materials, to clearly express ideas and ideas, and to produce books in volumes, which are important tools for spreading various knowledge and ideas and accumulating human culture. With the development of human history, it is also constantly changing and improving in terms of writing methods, materials and decoration forms, and forms.

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  Childrens Hardcover Board Book Common phenomenon in the custom industry

  First, the reading of the Childrens Hardcover Board Book is too constrained by the introduction of e-commerce giants or the Internet. The homogeneity of the reading content is serious. Parents also lack professional reading guidance. In the face of the Childrens Hardcover Board Book, parents cannot assist children Find out what to choose for a quality Childrens Hardcover Board Book to read.

  Second, the best-selling Childrens Hardcover Board Book has a high unit price. The unit price of Chinese picture books in the market is mostly 20-50 yuan. Compared with Chinese picture books, English picture books are not only difficult to purchase, but the price is as high as more than 100 dollars. This is a big burden for many middle-income families. It is difficult to fully meet children's reading needs;

  Third, in an ideal life, there are many early education centers, coffee bookstores, and public libraries. However, these large central spaces lack high-quality Childrens Hardcover Board Book management. There is no friendly, professional parent-child reading space specially created for children.

childrens hardcover board book printing wholesale

  Childrens Hardcover Board Book Wholesale Precautions

  1, the paper is too white

  The books and periodicals printed on white paper look beautiful and the printing is very delicate, but the eyes are easy to fatigue. Whether reading a book or watching TV, too much contrast has an adverse effect on vision. Paper is too white, one is to increase the contrast of the color, and the other is that the reflected light is too strong, which will over-stimulate the visual nerve and easily cause visual fatigue. The reason why watching TV is to turn on the light is to reduce the contrast. If the book paper looks very dazzling, or if you feel tired after looking at it for less than 10 minutes, then the paper color is definitely not suitable.

  2, the reflection is too strong

  Good children's books, the color should be soft, close to natural colors, the reflection should not be too strong. The more intense the reflection, the stronger the eye is stimulated, and the ciliary muscles are in an excessively contracted state. The eyes are particularly prone to fatigue, and function-adjusted myopia will form over time.

  3, the color is too bright

  Children's vision needs stimulation, but if you think that bright colors are stimulation of vision, then you are wrong. Children are used to seeing colors that are too heavy and bright, and their resolution of natural colors will weaken in the future. It's like we gave the child too much salty food, and he will be less sensitive to the taste of food in the future. Therefore, the newly born child does not need to show him colored books, but can show him some black and white books first.

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