Brochure flyer printing notes and price influencing factors


     What should I pay attention to when printing brochure flyers? What are the factors related to the price of brochure flyer printing? Let's take a look at the brochure flyer printing precautions and price influencing factors, I hope to help everyone.

  Brochure flyer printing precautions

  The brochure flyer has a special shape and needs to be folded during production. Therefore, pay special attention to the selection of printing paper. If the printing brochure flyer is not too low cost, you can use medium and high-grade printing paper. The paper will split when it is in the brochure flyer. Reliable printing paper can better guarantee the quality of brochure flyer printing.

  One of the problems that needs to be paid attention to during the printing of brochure flyers is that you should not use dark colors in the folds, otherwise the brochure flyers will have more obvious white marks. At the same time, in the production process of brochure flyer printing, in order to better reduce the cost considerations, try to design the folding specifications into regular sizes, which is more economical. These are the places to pay attention to the production of brochure flyers.

Brochure flyer printing

  Brochure flyer printing price influencing factors

  Pre-printing fee

  Pre-printing costs for brochure flyers include typing, design, scanning, film, inkjet proofing, receipt, proofing, and shipping. This is generally based on local market conditions, there is no uniform standard, and most companies have their own Designer, so this factor affecting prices varies from company to company.

  Machine cost

  Monochrome machine, two-color machine, four-color machine, etc., different machines will also have a certain cost depending on the use situation, and the calculation of these specific costs is also very different.

  Brochure flyer printing fee

  The printing cost is the printing cost actually generated by the brochure flyer printing, including the boot fee, PS version, printer, and paper. Because the printing press currently used has various specifications such as 8K, 4K, split, and full sheet. The cost of domestic and imported machines is also different.

  Labor costs

  Sometimes manual manual sorting, splicing, etc., a brochure flyer print will have a corresponding cost in the production process involved in the production process. The different mechanical equipments of different printing manufacturers, as well as the printing production process, the production experience of workers, and the labor costs, will have some differences in the price of such printing.

  Process cost

  The process includes bronzing, bumping, embossing, over-molding, pressing, binding, smearing, cutting, and packaging. All of the processing costs, bronzing, bumping, embossing, pressing, etc. require a stencil and a stencil, which is based on The size and complexity of the area will vary from one to the other.

  The above is about the introduction of brochure flyer printing precautions and price influencing factors. I hope everyone can understand the brochure flyer printing precautions and price influencing factors, and it will help everyone.

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