Basic requirements for food paper bag printing


       In daily life, we often see food paper packaging bags, these paper bags bring us great convenience. So do you know what are the requirements for food paper bag printing? Let ’s take a look at the basic requirements for food paper bag printing.

  1. Should comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, and comply with the provisions of the corresponding food safety standards.

  2. It should be clear, eye-catching and long-lasting, and it should be easy for consumers to recognize and read when buying.

  3. It should be easy to understand, have scientific basis, and should not be marked with feudal superstition, pornography, degrading other foods, or content that violates common sense in nutrition science.

  4. It shall be true and accurate, and shall not introduce food in a way that is false, exaggerated, misleading or deceptive to consumers, or to deceive consumers by the size or color difference.

  5. You should not mislead consumers directly or in a suggestive language, graphics, or symbols to confuse the nature of the food they buy or the nature of the food with another product.

  6. Contents that have the effect of preventing or treating diseases should not be marked or implied, and non-health foods should not be explicitly or implied to have the effect of health.

  7. It should not be separated from food or its packaging (container).

  8. Use standard Chinese characters (except for trademarks). Various artistic characters with decorative effects should be written correctly and easily identifiable.

food paper bag printing

  9. You can use pinyin or minority characters at the same time, and the pinyin cannot be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters.

  10. Foreign languages can be used at the same time, but should correspond to Chinese (except for trademarks, manufacturers and addresses of imported foods, names and addresses of foreign distributors, and web addresses). All foreign languages shall not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters (except for trademarks).

  11. When the maximum surface area of the prepackaged food packaging or packaging container is greater than 875px2 (see Appendix A for the calculation method of the maximum surface area), the height of the characters, symbols and numbers of the mandatory labeling content shall not be less than 1.8mm.

  12. The packaging of a sales unit contains different varieties of food that can be sold separately in multiple independent packages, and each individually packaged food label should be marked separately.

  The above is an introduction to the basic requirements for food paper bag printing. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the basic requirements for food paper bag printing.

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