Advantages of PP folders


When it comes to folders, everyone thinks of neatly arranged folders on the computer desktop. However, these folders are mainly used to organize electronic files, such as pictures, data, forms, documents, etc. This is not a computer folder, but a PP folder that we usually use to organize paper documents.

  In today's popular use of computers, most office documents are mostly electronic files, but we still cannot use paper documents. In order to organize the information more quickly, we need to use office folders.

  Many people ’s folders on their desks are plastic folders, some of which are PP folders. Yes, today I ’ll tell you about the advantages of PP folders over other folders. Let ’s take a look .

  1, strict craftsmanship

  There are two important reasons why the PP folder can be widely used in the office stationery and student stationery industries: one is the unique properties of the PP folder (waterproof, antistatic, easy to form, and not easy to fold); the other is PP Low investment and high output ensure high quality of PP film.

  2, perfect structure

  The main component of PP material is polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. It is a synthetic material that is loved, popular and widely used in the world today. Its global usage ranks first among various synthetic materials. Among materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PP is a suitable material.

PP folders

  3, beautiful appearance

  In this sense, the market prospect of PP folders is very promising. With the development of the times, the good performance, simple craftsmanship, and many other advantages of PP folders have gradually won people's favor. They have been accepted and recognized by more and more people. PP folders can be seen everywhere in the office. The colors and patterns of Wenrui's PP folder can also express people's fantasy colors.

  4, extraordinary performance

  The PP file folder is completely non-toxic and tasteless. It has no irritation to human skin or respiratory system. For those allergic to inferior plastic, using PP stationery is very suitable. Many students' stationery are Made of PP.

  The above is an introduction of the advantages of the pp folder compared to other folders. I hope that everyone will understand the advantages of the pp folder and help you understand the pp folder.

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