Advantages of brown paper bags and printing precautions


  In recent years, products packed in brown paper bags have become more and more popular among consumers, and brown paper bags have become the first choice for more and more enterprise product packaging. So what are the advantages of brown paper bags that make them so popular? What should you pay attention to during the printing process of brown paper bags? Here we take a look.

  Advantages of brown paper bags

  The first is the environmental benefits of brown paper bags. brown paper bag is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting and meets national environmental protection standards. It is one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world.

  Followed by the printing advantages of brown paper bags. Due to the special color of the brown paper bag, the brown paper bag does not need full-page printing, and the simple line can outline the beauty of the product pattern, and the packaging effect is better than the plastic packaging bag. At the same time, the printing cost is greatly reduced, and the cost and production cycle of the packaging are reduced.

brown paper bags

  brown paper bag printing precautions

  The brown paper bag is a long-fiber structure or a recycled fiber structure, which results in a surface effect that is not as smooth as that of coated paper, gray-backed white paper, and white cardboard. Therefore, our requirements for the surface printing of brown paper bags cannot be compared with coated paper, white cardboard and gray-whiteboard paper. Its standard is lower.

  If you want to achieve good printing results, you can handle the surface of the brown paper bag: if the printing position is very large, it is difficult to handle it, but in general, it will not print a large area of ink, which will lose the brown paper bag. Personality. Therefore, before the brown paper bag printing, we can carry out a front-end treatment. In the place where the pattern and the text are to be printed, the transparent oil can be processed once. The purpose of printing the transparent oil is to fill the unevenness of the paper and make the surface of the paper flat. The printing effect will be much better when printing the text on it.

  In addition to the printing effect, there is also a problem that the brown paper bag is quite stiff, that is, it is very hard, and the paper that has just been cut out is not very flat, and there is a problem: how to make the brown paper bag into the printing machine relatively flat. Not to smash the press. This also requires some front-end processing: there are some high-weight cattle cardboard in the cattle card. It is recommended to carry out some moisture treatment of the brown paper bag and the cattle cardboard before printing, so that it is properly softened and meets the printing requirements. There will be no inaccurate positioning and damage to the printing press.

  The above is about the advantages of brown paper bags and printing precautions. I hope everyone will understand the advantages of brown paper bags and printing precautions.

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