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  • Food packaging bag design considerations

    Food packing bag is a kind of packing design. In order to facilitate the preservation and storage of food in life, food packing bags have been produced. Here are some things to note when designing food packing bags.

  • Better education needed over eco-packaging

    New research shows that while marketing professionals believe sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is vital, their understanding of processes and terminology is poor.

  • Diaries and calendars printed with wrong date come into use

    ​Millions of Brits have started the new year with incorrect information printed in their calendars and diaries, following the government’s late decision last June to change the date of the 2020 early May bank holiday.

  • Three common techniques for hardcover book printing

    The spine of a hardcover book is different from a paperback book. The spine of a paperback book is generally flush, while hardcover books are divided into hardback, cavityback and softback. Today I will explain to you three common techniques for hardcover book printing.

  • History of printing

    History of printing

  • General knowledge about magazine printing

    Magazine printing products have always been a type of printing products with a large domestic demand. The total production of magazine printing products in China has been continuously increasing every year. Nevertheless, magazine printing products still have a large shortage in the printing market.

  • PP folder purchase precautions

    Nowadays, the pp folder on the market has various specifications and prices vary, so that consumers do not know how to choose. Today I will explain to you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a pp folder.

  • Things to note in the greeting card printing process

    Greeting cards are a tool that can express our thoughts or blessings on someone, and can be used as a tool to convey feelings between family and friends under certain circumstances. So what specific things should be considered in the process of greeting card printing? Today, I will combine these important contents to analyze and introduce to you, hoping to help you print better greeting cards.

  • Sticker label processing characteristics and application characteristics

    Self-sticker label printing uses special composite paper. This paper must be prefabricated by a paper mill. Generally, a layer of self-adhesive is coated on the back of the substrate and adhered to the release paper that is easy to peel off. The following describes the processing characteristics and application characteristics of self-sticker labels for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

  • Paper box printing quality control method

    Paper box printing products have always been a type of printing products with high domestic usage. Most of the different products produced by various enterprises need to be packed and transported through paper box printing products.

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